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6 Ways to Thank Someone for Sharing Their Expertise

In our current world, networking online is becoming more and more popular. With that some people emerge as experts or thought leaders in their field. They share resources, advice, and information that can be invaluable to others. Many times, others ask these people for phone calls, virtual meetings, direct messages, coffee chat etc. Have you ever had someone share their expertise with you? Had someone provide a referral or lead that landed you a job or client?

This has happened to us many times. While we have been happy to share our expertise with others, many have asked "How can I thank you?" So we developed a list of 6 great ways to thank someone for sharing their expertise. While there is not always the expectation that someone provides anything in return, it is always a good idea to consider helping someone who helped you. And since the majority of these methods are free yet very beneficial to the person sharing their expertise, consider giving back to them using one or more of these methods. What are some of other ways that others have shown their appreciation with you?

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